14 Scariest Bridges You Wouldn’t Want To Cross


Monkey Bridge, Vietnam

Said to be named after the stooped posture that must be adopted in order to cross safely, Vietnam’s Monkey Bridges are reserved for the agile and courageous. These traditional crossings span countless streams and gullies and, whilst local people pass across without a second thought, those unfamiliar are advised to exercise extreme caution upon attempting a crossing.

Popular in the Mekong Delta, with its numerous waterways, the typical Monkey Bridge consists of a single bamboo log, laid over the stream or river in question, with a flimsy handrail to cling on to. Yet there are many variations, with some crude bridges made from coconut trees, and handrails not always present in extreme examples.

Called Cau Khi, Vietnam’s famous bridges are renowned for being dangerous and difficult to get across. Don’t want to risk plunging into the water below? Take our advice and leave these for the locals.