Can You Get A Tattoo Of Your Pet? These Crazy People Did!


Pets really are a part of the family. If you’ve got a pet, you recognize how attached you’ll get to your little furry, scaly, or slippery friend. Some people become so attached to their pets, that they need to bring their pets with them wherever they are going . Of course, not all establishments allow pets. That’s where pet tattoos are available . If you’ve got a portrait of your pet tattooed on your body, you actually can take your pet with you everywhere.

See a number of the foremost realistic, innovative, and interesting pet tattoos on the web . Did you recognize that Miley Cyrus got a tattoo of her dearly departed pufferfish?

His Signature Expression

dog with ball in mouthPhoto Credit: @tomnomoralsjohnson / Instagram

This tattoo is almost identical to the reference photo. The artist just took some liberties with the color of the ball in the dog’s mouth. A yellow tennis ball is just more identifiable. Plus, the orange wouldn’t stand out as well against the color of the dog’s tongue.

Pet portraits are hard to do, but this tattoo artist managed to do a pretty good job. The dog’s paws weren’t even in the reference photo. Good job sketching those in.

A Tattoo Fit For A King

This little Chihuahua certainly looks regal, but he can’t go around wearing a crown in real life. Not all the time at least. That’s where creative license comes in. A pet portrait tattoo is nice, but a stylized, totally innovative pet tattoo is even nicer.king chihuahua tattooPhoto Credit: / Instagram

The crown over the dog’s head in the tattoo is reminiscent of Basquiat’s work. The watercolor technique is also street art inspired. There’s a lot going on in this piece and we love all of it.

Baby Shark, Doo Doo Do Doo Do Doo

shark cat tattooPhoto Credit: @stonerwazhere / Instagram

It’s one thing to get a portrait of your cat on your arm. It’s a totally different thing to get a portrait of your cat in a shark costume on your arm. You know that nobody else in the world is going to have a tattoo quite like this.

The style of this tattoo is rather cartoonish. Most of the other portraits we’ve seen on this list so far have been more realistic. Different strokes for different folks.

A Piercing Husky Stare

husky tattoo on legPhoto Credit: @ivychord / Instagram

Do you think this tattoo artist got this Husky’s piercing eyes right? Look at those amber beauties! This dog is a stud. The artist definitely got the markings on the dog’s face right. When you take your dog for a walk, the dog walks right beside your leg. Now, this person can always take their dog for a walk with them.

Although, we’re sure that this Husky would rather just always be taken on real walks.

A Sugar Glider Right Where He Should Be

sugar glider tattooPhoto Credit: @cat82616/ Instagram

This is the perfect spot for a sugar glider portrait tattoo. Now it looks like this sugar glider is always sitting right on his owner’s arm. It’s actually illegal to own sugar gliders in many states. This person must live somewhere where you’re allowed to own these big-eyed marsupials.

Sugar gliders get their name because they have skin flaps under their arms that let them fly through the air, plus they like eating sweet foods such as sap and nectar.

A Blonde Beauty

blonde dog tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

Look at this lovely blonde Dachshund! She looks like the kind of dog that would come with a Barbie dream house. That portrait of her on her owner’s upper arm is spot-on. What’s that little red disc above her head? A doughnut? A frisbee? A part of another tattoo?

Maybe it’s an inside joke between this girl and her dog. The dog is making the exact same expression that she is in the tattoo.

A Minimal Approach

Minimal dog tattooPhoto Credit: @kenzx30 / Instagram

Sometimes minimal is best. Just a suggestion of your pet can be all that you need to carry him with you wherever you go. These tattoos aren’t exactly portraits of Blade and Java, but they are reminiscent of Blade and Java’s shapes.

Their names are also scribed in ink, making this tattoo a wonderful memorial as well as a great conversation starter. We wonder if these pups know that’s them?

Miley Cyrus’ Pufferfish Tattoo

miley-cyrus-pet-tattoo2_dr_woo_ / Instagram/VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has several tattoos of her dog, Floyd, who passed away a little while ago. Recently, she got a tattoo of her pufferfish, Pablow, who passed away last year. Cyrus said that she “hates goodbyes,” so she got a tattoo of Pablow so he would always be with her.

This tattoo was done by famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Dr. Woo is one of the most sought after tattoo artists in Los Angeles. He’s tattooed the likes of Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde, and Zoe Kravitz, among others.

This Doge Is Posing For The Camera

shiba inu tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

What a handsome Shiba Inu! This dog looks so stylish in his bright red collar. He also looks quite stylish in his portrait on his owner’s leg. It looks like his name is written in cursive just under the tattoo, and it’s kind of hard to read but we think his name might be Cole.

The artist did an incredibly realistic tattoo of this sweet pup. It also looks like the dog is coming towards you, great perspective!

A Derpy Boston Terrier

boston terrier tattooPhoto Credit: @1928tattoo / Instagram

This tattoo artist managed to capture this Boston Terrier’s derpy expression perfectly. You can tell that this tattoo isn’t just a portrait of any Boston Terrier. It’s a portrait of this Boston Terrier, and that’s what makes it so special and unique.

This dog is always posing with his tongue out. Now his tongue is immortalized on his owner’s arm. That really is an expression worth capturing in ink. What a handsome Boston Terrier pup!

The Fluffiest Teddy Bear

cute poodle tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

This fluffy pup looks exactly the same as the portrait on his owner’s arm. The tattoo artist even managed to get his bandana and his little bell in there. His favorite toy made it into the portrait too.

His tongue is out in his portrait and in this photo of him next to the portrait. Nobody is going to look at this tattoo and think that it’s a picture of any other dog. He’s so fluffy!

A Smiling Shiba

happuy shiba tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

Ok, we know we already saw a Shiba Inu on this, but can you ever have enough Shibas? We didn’t think so. This dog must always have a smile on his face. That is one happy pup.

Red must be the owner’s favorite color because the dog is wearing a red collar and there are red flowers around his face in the tattoo of him on his owner’s arm. This is a small and sweet tattoo.

A Very Good Corgi

corgi tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

This pup clearly knows how to shake hands and how to sit. He’s so smart! The little portrait of him on his owner’s arm is absolutely adorable. I mean, it’s not more adorable than the dog himself, but it is pretty cute.

I wonder what other tricks this Corgi knows. Can he roll over? Can he beg? Can he design a gorgeous tattoo? Probably not. We’ll just leave the tattooing to creatures with opposable thumbs.

An Ideal Bichon Frise

little bichon frise tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

This fluffy pup looks like she stepped out a dictionary entry for a Bichon Frise. She really does look like she could win “Best in Breed” in a major dog show. I don’t know about “Best in Show”. She’s going to have to do some intense training if she wants to secure that title.

This tattoo is spot on. Maybe the tattoo could win some kind of best tattoo competition. Which tattoo on this list would you give the blue ribbon to?

A Flat-Faced Frenchie

french bulldog tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

This French Bulldog looks like she had a cleft palate when she was born. Cleft palate or no cleft palate, this dog is still adorable. We think her little mouth defect actually gives her a lot of character. This tattoo artist was able to capture this Frenchie’s unique look perfectly.

Look at those giant ears! This dog is just begging to be photographed. She deserves to be immortalized in tattoo form. If you had a dog this cute you would want her on your arm forever too.

A Guinea Pig On Each Arm

guinea pig tattooPhoto Credit: @pettattoo.salmon / Instagram

It’s a good thing this girl doesn’t have more than two guinea pigs, because she only has two arms. I guess if she got more guinea pigs in the future she could tattoo them onto her legs, or she could tattoo more than one guinea pig on each arm.

These little rodents are way too cute. We wonder what the dates mean under their portraits. Maybe it was the date that they were adopted by their owner.