7 Surprising Things Men Find Most Attractive in Women


Your first instinct might say physical beauty is what matters the most, but I beg to differ. The physical beauty does catch attention, but it doesn’t necessarily make some like you. Besides, you should also understand the difference between finding someone hot and finding someone attractive. The first triggers lust and the latter is powered by love. There is no man on Earth that would say Megan Fox is not hot. However, they would prefer a woman with the following qualities that make them a lot more attractive to men. It is not just about the body. Your personality and some little traits make a big difference. Here are seven qualities you need to develop that men find most attractive in women.

A Sense of Humor

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Every man thinks he could be a standup comedian, but not all of them have it takes. Men still have a lot better sense of humor compared to women. It is a rare quality found in women and men dig it. You automatically become a hundred times more attractive with good humor. They understand that a great body would last only a few years, but the humor is for life. This is why men would choose a funnier girl over a prettier girl when they are looking for long term partner.

You have to do many more things with your partner than just sex. And after all physical fun, you need to able to talk with your partner. This is not a compromise one can make his entire life. Some naturally have that humor and some have to work hard for it. You should know that you can develop this sense with some practice and get good at it over time. However, try not to crack a joke when you are unsure if it would work or not.

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